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Providing quality garden railway services and accessories for the discerning 16 mm and G scale garden railway enthusiast.

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A cast steel arm now with a series of 1.8mm holes to attach to. It has a 4mm main centre hole. The picture is a representation of the steel arm and a new photo will be uploaded shortly.

Radio control Lifting arm




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I use these on all my radio instalations on the regulators.  I pass the 2mm threaded stud through the lifting arm (sold above), secure with the M2 nut then this hangs down and into it I screw a 2mm connecting rod.  Onto the other end of this I attach a silver quick link as shown below.  You may  need to purchase an M2 die to thread the rod on this end and these can be obtained from a few places. Email me for a  link if you cant find a supplier. Sold in packs of two (R/C lifting arm shown in picture sold seperatly.

Ball joint snap links




Silver quick links to fit onto M2 threaded rod and can connect onto servo arms and other mechanical movement pasrts such as my regulator lifting arms etc.  The servo horn hole needs to be drilled out to 1.7mm for the quick link to fit.

Silver M2 quick links 4 per pack




Pack of 10 x 2mm rods with a M2 threaded section on one end. Rod is simply cut to length to suite application.  Length is approximately 300mm. See above for use.

M2 rodding